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Garage Doors

Whether you are replacing a garage door for aesthetic reasons or because the old one has broken, it is a fairly expensive matter and, therefore, it is imperative you make the right decision.

If you plan ahead so that you know exactly what your needs are before you go shopping it will help you to find the best deal and the most suitable door for your money. 

Practical Concerns

1. Budget. First decide how much you can afford or how much you are prepared to pay and then stick to it.  Don't be enticed by all the fancy and expensive doors on offer if they cost more than you want to pay. 

2. Use. The way you use your garage can have an affect on the best door to choose.  If you use the garage as a workshop you may want to consider an insulated door (either factory fitted or by the use of kit after installation).

If you have a double garage and intend to have a manual door you may find that one large door would be too heavy and/or awkward for some to handle, so it may be better separate doors for each bay.  If, however, you are investing in a motorised door this would not be such a problem. 

3. Security. If you already have a security door opener and do not wish to go to the expense of replacement then you will need to ensure your new door is compatible with the current device.

Doors without windows maybe considered more secure as they keep precious contents, cars, tools etc., away from prying eyes.

4. Installation costs. Installing a garage door is a specialised job as it is imperative that they are hung correctly so this cost must be borne in mind when making your decision. 

5: Upkeep.  These days the majority of doors do not need painting but if your choice is made of wood then it may need regular maintenance.

Aesthetic Concerns

1. The new door should complement the style or your house and those around it.  It is also important to check whether there are any byelaws in your area restricting the type of garage doors that are permissible or forbidden.

2. Will your chosen door dominate the surroundings or blend into the background? 

While an attractive garage door may initially be appealing it can become outdated and overbearing in a very short space not to mention the aggravation it could cause with neighbours. 

Different types of garage door available.



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