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There are currently (2017) 28 members of the European Union;  there were originally only 15 countries, with ten others being included on the 1st May, 2004 another two joined on 1st January, 2007 and the latest addition was made on 1st July, 2013.

The original 15 countries were:-

Austria  -  Belgium  -  Denmark  -  Finland  -  France  -  Germany  -  Greece   Ireland -  Italy  -  Luxembourg  -  Netherlands  -  Portugal  - Spain  -  Sweden - United Kingdom*

It was decided in a referendum held in the UK on the 23rd June, 2016 to leave the European Union and, therefore, this process is now underway but is likely to take several years (27.1.17)


Joined by 10 others on the 1st May, 2004.

Cyprus  -  Czech Republic  -  Estonia  -  Hungary  -  Latvia - Lithuania - Malta - Poland  -  Slovakia  -  Slovenia.


2 Additions on 1st January, 2007.

Bulgaria and Romania

Latest addition 1st July, 2013.


Nineteen of these countries currently use the Euro as their currency:-

Belgium France Netherlands
Germany Ireland Austria
Greece Italy Portugal
Spain Luxembourg Finland

 Joined 1st January, 2007

Cyprus Joined 1st January, 2008
Malta Joined 1st January, 2008
Slovakia Joined 1st January, 2009
Estonia Joined 1st January, 2011
Latvia Joined 1st January, 2014
Lithuania Joined 1st January, 2015


The conversion rates for the first countries to sign up, were established on 1st January, 1999.  These rates are fixed as follows:-

Currency Conversion rate Code
Austrian schilling 13.7603 ATS
Belgian franc 40.3399 BEF
Deutsche mark 1.95583 DEM
Spanish peseta 166.386 ESP
Dutch guilder 2.20371 NLG
Finnish markka 5.94573 FIM
French franc 6.55957 FRF
Irish punt 0.787564 IEP
Italian lira 1936.27 ITL
Luxembourg franc 40.3399 LUF
Portuguese escudo 200.482 PTE
Greek drachma 340.750 GRD
Slovenia 1.1.07. 239.640 SIT
Malta  1.1.08. 0.429300 MTL
Cyprus  1.1.08. 0.585274 CYP
Slovakia  1.1.09 30.1260 SKK

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