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Room Guide

As the site is continually being developed (it now has nearly 1000 pages) it is not possible to include all items featured in the various "rooms".  The information given below is  a general guide as to what can be found where. If you cannot find a particular subject there is a "Search" facility on every page.

We have split this site into various sections to try and help you find the information you want easily.

We have decided to do this by using the rooms of a house - cunning eh! Here is a brief guide to the contents of each room and the information available.

This site is run purely as a hobby and we would love any feedback you may have as to how we can improve it or any information you would like to see here.

We will try and add whatever people want and would be happy to add your own pearls of wisdom - so why not send them to us and we will credit you on the site.

The Rooms

Kitchen - Fairly obvious this one - you will find recipes, hints on missing ingredients, ways to make that special meal, measurements and all things cooking and food based.

Bathroom - Weight conversions, cosmetic advice and childrens' bathtime fun, First Aid, grooming, tips etc..

Library - The reference room - Bank holidays, dates of special events, wedding anniversaries, chemical element test, book repairs etc., and information sources.

Office - Personal finance, computer jargon, number values, mathematical shortcuts, brain teasers etc.

Living Room - Cocktail recipes, wedding anniversaries, scams and cons to watch out for, holidays, shopping rights, tips on organising everyday living and problems.

Music Hall - Quizzes, musical terms, piano repairs, CD Rom challenge.

Nursery - Childrens' health, ways to amuse children, rhymes, how to increase vocabulary, tips etc.

Games room- Brain teasers, games to make and play, sporting rules, cricket and football terminology, links to games sites.

Utility Room - Stain removal, methods, product, washing advice etc

Workshop (will eventually include more hobbies and crafts)- Household emergencies, DIY advice, methods and equipment, knitting terms/methods, measurement conversion, tips etc.

Garage - Car maintenance, fault diagnosis, motoring advice, fuel conversion, emergency repairs etc.

Spare Room - Everything that didn't go anywhere else including gifts to buy and make, decorations, party hints and tips, recipes, Christmas traditions etc.  Free Cross stitch chart.!

Kennel - well sort of a room! Pet and animal advice, injuries, common pests, quiz etc.

Garden - OK we know it's not a room but thought people would be interested in gardening advice and plant information, lawnmower care and even an animal/bird watch!





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