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(the difficult one!)

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If you have no idea what to get the man in your life then why not browse around this site where there are an array of gifts, some of which may probably defy imagination.


You know what men are with gadgets and 'boys' toys! 


Sometimes it’s hard finding men’s fly fishing gifts when you’re shopping for the man that already has everything. You’ve looked around at several types of corporate gifts, sports gifts, or luxury gifts, and other fishing gifts and you’re just not sure what to get that special man in your life. MacDaddy’s exclusive line of fishing lures and flies are sure to be the perfect fishing gift. Glimmering gold sprinkled with diamonds and precious gemstones, these lures are turning heads everywhere.

These exquisite fishing lures are sure to kindle the imagination of men and women alike (fish also love them), and these exotic gifts will surprise and strike “AWE” for anyone lucky enough to receive a MacDaddy’s diamond and jeweled treasure. 

Slated as the perfect gift for the “man or woman who has everything,” MacDaddy’s challenges the consumer to find this kind of exclusive sports gift elsewhere. There is nothing like it in the world.

hand made wooden model car

Hand made wooden cars and World War 2 Jeeps made to a scale of 1 inch = 1 foot making the jeeps approximately 8 inches long x 5 inches wide and the cars 12 inches long x 6 inches wide.  A most unusual gift for anyone. Other models can be seen at www.woodcars.net 

If you didn't have any luck with any of the above sites then try out this one which features for more wonderful ideas for gifts and presents for men.


Chris Beardshaw 'This CD-ROM is the next best thing to having your own private gardener'

Find plants for every aspect of your garden for any month or soil type. And know how to look after them. Perfect for planning & designing your ideal garden

Easy access to a wealth of gardening advice & know-how enables you to create beautiful garden designs.

Being interactive, you select what you require and the software CD displays the best plants to suit your needs.

For more information visit www.complete-gardens.co.uk 



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call Neil 01865 512561
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Still haven't found that very special present you seek, do not despair, this site has an array of gifts on offer, there is bound to be one that suits both your man and your pocket.

You never know there may even be something for yourself - go on give yourself a well earned treat!





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