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Many books on the subject of knitting go into great detail as to yarns, patterns etc. but forget to explain, in detail, the terms and abbreviations used. 

Most patterns tell you what the abbreviations stand for, but not how to do it.    e.g. tog. = together but what does "together" mean?  Without this information it is impossible to follow any pattern.

Below is a list of the most common terms together with the relevant abbreviations with links to their method of operation. Obviously without diagrams it is very difficult to describe some of these techniques, but I will do my best.

Abbreviation Meaning
K Knit. 
P Purl.
M. St Moss Stitch.
Row Row
G. St. Garter Stitch.
Rep. Repeat.
St. st. Stocking stitch.
St.(s) Stitch (es) i.e. each individual loop on the needle.
Inc. Increase.   This increases the number of stitches on your needle and is used for shaping garments and/or creating patterns.
Dec. Decrease.   This reduces the number of stitches on your needles and is used for shaping garments or for creating patterns.
p.s.s.o. Pass slipped stitch over.
t.b.l. Through back of loop.
y.f. Yarn at front
y.b. Yarn at back.
y.r.n. Yarn round needle.
y.fwd Yarn forward
Alt. Alternate
Foll. Following
Folls. Follows
Beg. Beginning
Cont. Continue
Patt. Pattern
Tog. Together
M.1. Make one
Sl. Slip
Incl. Inclusive

Explanations as to how to carry out these instructions can be found on the following pages 

Simple knitting stitches and abbreviations and some of the more common abbreviations used in knitting patterns and how to carry them out.




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